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Eargo Hearing Aids Review 2023: Pricing, Features, and More

Hearing loss can significantly impact one’s quality of life, affecting communication and engagement with the world. Eargo, a company at the forefront of hearing aid innovation, has endeavored to address this challenge with their range of discreet and technologically advanced hearing aids. In this review, we will explore the various Eargo models, their standout features, pricing options, and the experiences of users.

Eargo Hearing Aid Models

Eargo offers a diverse lineup of hearing aids designed to cater to different levels of hearing loss. These models include the Eargo Neo, Eargo Plus, and Eargo Max. Each model is equipped with distinct features that contribute to a seamless hearing experience.

Eargo Neo

The Eargo Neo stands out for its sleek design and Flexi Fibers technology, which ensures a comfortable fit within the ear canal. This model is tailored for mild to moderate hearing loss and boasts advanced sound processing capabilities.

Eargo Plus

The Eargo Plus, designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, shares many features with the Neo. What sets it apart is its compatibility with the Eargo App, allowing users to personalize their hearing experience further.

Eargo Max

For more severe hearing loss, the Eargo Max steps in with enhanced amplification while maintaining the discreet design that Eargo is known for. It combines powerful sound processing with customizable settings.

Features and Technological Advancements

Eargo’s commitment to innovation is evident in the array of features integrated into their hearing aids.

Flexi Fibers for Comfort

Eargo’s patented Flexi Fibers ensure a comfortable fit, reducing the common discomfort associated with traditional hearing aids. This innovative design allows for extended wear without irritation.

Advanced Sound Processing

The advanced sound processing technology in Eargo hearing aids ensures clear and natural sound quality. Users can enjoy conversations, music, and other audio experiences with enhanced clarity.

Customizable Sound Profiles

Personalization is key, and Eargo acknowledges this with customizable sound profiles. The Eargo App enables users to adjust settings according to their preferences, adapting to different environments seamlessly.

Discreet Design

One of Eargo’s most appealing traits is its discreet design. The hearing aids are virtually invisible when worn, addressing the stigma often associated with traditional, more noticeable devices.

Pricing Options

Eargo offers pricing options that cater to various budgets and requirements.

Eargo Neo Pricing

The Eargo Neo starts at an affordable price point, making advanced hearing technology accessible to a wider audience. The pricing includes the hearing aid, accessories, and ongoing professional support.

Eargo Plus Pricing

The Eargo Plus comes at a slightly higher price due to its extended features, including compatibility with the Eargo App. The package includes the hearing aid, accessories, and access to personalized settings via the app.

Eargo Max Pricing

Given its enhanced capabilities, the Eargo Max is positioned at a higher price tier. However, it remains competitive in comparison to traditional hearing aids with similar functionalities. The package includes the hearing aid, accessories, and professional support.

User Experience and Customer Reviews

User feedback highlights the positive impact Eargo hearing aids have on daily life. Many users praise the comfortable fit and discreet appearance, allowing them to engage in social activities with confidence. The advanced sound processing also receives commendation for its natural and clear sound delivery.

Comparative Analysis with Traditional Hearing Aids

In a head-to-head comparison with traditional hearing aids, Eargo stands out for its innovation and design. Traditional hearing aids are often bulkier and more visible, while Eargo’s discreet design addresses these concerns without compromising on performance.

Pros and Cons


  • Discreet design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Advanced sound processing
  • Customizable settings
  • Accessible pricing options


  • Limited suitability for severe hearing loss
  • Reliance on battery charging

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Eargo hearing aids suitable for all types of hearing loss?

Eargo offers models for mild to moderate hearing loss. For severe cases, the Eargo Max provides enhanced amplification but may not be suitable for profound loss.

2. Can I adjust the sound settings on Eargo hearing aids?

Yes, the Eargo App allows users to customize sound profiles according to their preferences and the surrounding environment.

3. How long does the battery last on these devices?

The battery life varies among models, but typically ranges from several hours to a full day with moderate use.

4. Is the purchase covered by a warranty?

Yes, Eargo offers a warranty that covers manufacturing defects and technical issues within a specified period.

5. Can Eargo hearing aids connect to other devices?

As of now, Eargo hearing aids do not have direct connectivity to other devices, but the company is actively exploring such possibilities.


Eargo has redefined the hearing aid landscape with its innovative approach, providing comfort, advanced technology, and affordability. The range of Eargo models caters to various levels of hearing loss, offering users a personalized and discreet hearing experience. With positive customer reviews and an array of features, Eargo hearing aids present a compelling option for those seeking an enhanced auditory journey.

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