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Six things your art portfolio must have

The quality of your art portfolio has the single biggest impact on your application to art school. It’s critical that your portfolio shows off work

Fiverr as a unique freelancing marketplace

Ù–Fiverr, as a unique freelancing marketplace, is a Non-traditional marketplace. According to freelancers, Fiverr is like a shopping mall, but how and why Fiverr is

Not getting Orders on Fiverr, Do one thing.

Buyers place orders only when Fiverr’s Gig shows perfect according to buyers’ requirements. If Fiverr’s Sellers not getting enough orders on Fiverr, Do one thing.

Which skill is best for you? Top 10 Skills

The freelancing world is raising the figure of freelancers and buyers’ numbers too. In the upcoming year, freelancing may take a new turn. In 2020,

4 Tips for Freelancers to be GURU

Freelancing is a challenging career for beginners. Challenges may be in the form of clients or orders. But, you have to face these challenges. These