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12 Healthier Ice Cream Brands, According to Registered Dietitians

Indulging in ice cream doesn’t have to derail your healthy eating goals. Registered dietitians have vetted the frozen dessert aisle to bring you 12 ice cream brands that offer a tasty and healthier alternative to traditional options.

Section 1: Criteria for Healthier Ice Cream

**1. Balancing Taste and Nutrition: What to Look for in a Healthier Ice Cream: Overview: Understand the key factors dietitians consider when evaluating ice cream brands for their nutritional value and taste.

**2. Reduced Sugar and Lower Calorie Options: Prioritizing Moderation and Balance: Overview: Learn how ice cream brands that offer reduced sugar and lower calorie options can be a smart choice for mindful indulgence.

Section 2: Dietitian-Approved Ice Cream Brands

**1. Halo Top: Guilt-Free Pleasure with Creative Flavors: Overview: Explore the variety of flavors offered by Halo Top, known for its lower calorie and higher protein content.

**2. Enlightened: Flavor-First Approach with a Focus on Protein and Fiber: Overview: Discover how Enlightened ice cream balances deliciousness and nutrition by incorporating higher protein and fiber content.

**3. Arctic Zero: Aiming for Zero Guilt with Low-Calorie Treats: Overview: Explore Arctic Zero’s lineup of low-calorie ice creams that cater to those looking for a lighter dessert option.

**4. Breyers Delights: Classic Flavors Reimagined with Fewer Calories: Overview: Learn how Breyers Delights offers a spin on classic flavors while keeping calories in check.

**5. Yasso: The Frozen Greek Yogurt Trend with a Healthier Twist: Overview: Discover the appeal of Yasso’s frozen Greek yogurt bars and their protein-rich profile.

**6. Rebel Creamery: Indulgence Without Compromise with Keto-Friendly Options: Overview: Explore Rebel Creamery’s keto-friendly ice creams that prioritize high-quality ingredients and low carb content.

**7. NadaMoo!: A Dairy-Free Delight with Plant-Based Ingredients: Overview: Learn about NadaMoo!’s dairy-free ice creams made with coconut milk and featuring creative flavors.

**8. So Delicious Dairy Free: Coconut-Based Creaminess for Dairy-Free Satisfaction: Overview: Explore So Delicious Dairy Free’s coconut-based ice creams that cater to those with dairy sensitivities.

**9. Talenti Crafted with Less Sugar: Italian-Inspired Artisanal Indulgence: Overview: Discover Talenti’s approach to reducing sugar while maintaining its reputation for gourmet flavors.

**10. Cado Avocado-Based Ice Cream: A Creamy, Heart-Healthy Choice: Overview: Learn how Cado’s avocado-based ice cream offers a unique, heart-healthy option with good fats.

**11. Eclipse Foods: Plant-Based Ice Cream with a Focus on Sustainability: Overview: Explore Eclipse Foods’ plant-based ice cream that prioritizes taste and ethical sourcing.

**12. Nadamoo!: Vegan, Organic, and Flavorful Frozen Treats: Overview: Discover the benefits of Nadamoo!’s vegan and organic ice creams, perfect for those seeking cleaner ingredients.

Conclusion: Indulging in ice cream can be a guilt-free experience with the right choices. By opting for these 12 dietitian-approved ice cream brands, you can enjoy delicious frozen treats without compromising your health and nutritional goals.

FAQs: Q1: Can I enjoy ice cream on a healthy diet? A: Yes, moderation is key. Opt for ice cream brands with reduced sugar and lower calorie options for a balanced treat.

Q2: Are dairy-free ice creams just as tasty as traditional ones? A: Yes, many dairy-free options use high-quality ingredients to create creamy and flavorful alternatives.

Q3: How can I ensure I’m choosing a healthier ice cream option? A: Look for ice creams that have lower sugar content, fewer calories, and higher protein or fiber content.

Q4: What’s the benefit of choosing ice cream with added protein or fiber? A: Ice creams with added protein and fiber can help you feel more satisfied and full, aiding in portion control.

Q5: Are keto-friendly ice creams a good option for those following a ketogenic diet? A: Yes, keto-friendly ice creams like Rebel Creamery can be a satisfying treat for those on a ketogenic diet due to their low carb content.

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