Why iPhone 9 and Windows 9 Skipped?

After the continuous launch of products, Apple and Microsoft skipped version 9. Everyone wants to know about this skip from both companies. Every company which wants to sell products across all countries should know about their superstitions. In the west, many believe “13” as bad luck, “Friday the 13th”.

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Countries like Korea, Japan, and China, the “4” number also synonymous with the word Death. That’s why Nokia and many other companies had not sent their products with version 4 to these countries. Nokia 4 launched worldwide except these countries. Be careful if you want to sell products internationally.

The 9 Number

The 9 number is like 13 number. Many companies skipped 9 number as it synonym as Curse in Japan and many other countries. That’s what.

Blackberry, Apple, and Microsoft skipped 9 version due to Japan.

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Another Fact

Apple also revealed the secret behind this skip. iPhone 9 also not launched due to the 10th anniversary of Apple and launched iPhone X.

Will the iPhone 13 and version 13 of other companies be launched?

In the future, you are unlikely to see Windows 13 or iPhone 13 as countries like Japan, China, and Korea synonym 13 number as Bad Luck. It is quite possible that iPhone 13 and Windows 13 not be launched.

“Most” don’t. Two did. And only once.

iOS 9, MacOS 9, Safari 9, and Internet Explorer 9 all contradict your assertion, even referring to the same two companies, Microsoft and Apple.

Oracle 9, Samsung Galaxy S9, and TeamViewer 9, show that other companies don’t skip 9 either.

A coincidence does not indicate a pattern.

January 26, 2021

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