WhatsApp’s new feature that will fix a major bug in this application

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging application, constantly working on new features.

But it has long had a major flaw that consumers have been demanding to be fixed.

At the moment in WhatsApp, if a chat is moved to the archive, it reappears on the main feed when a new message arrives.

This eliminates the need to move the chat to the archive, but now the company has quietly removed this bug with a new update.

This means that the chats that will now be transferred to the archive will remain there even when the new message arrives.

For this purpose, WhatsApp is adding new archive chat settings to give users more control.

This feature will also help users keep messages away from their feeds that they deem unnecessary.

The company said in a statement that it had received complaints from users that archived chats repeatedly appeared on the main chat feed with new messages.

The company said the new archive chat settings will allow users to restrict unwanted chats to archived chat folders, even if they include a new message.

“We know that not everything needs to always be in the main feed, we want to keep WhatsApp as a private and secure place where you can talk to people who are interested in you,” the statement added. Be very important and you have control over your messages.

This feature is very useful, of course, but not everyone likes it.

With this in mind, the new archive chat setting has been made optional and users can go back to the original archive folder setting by going to the app settings.

This feature has been introduced to all users and will gradually be available to all.

July 29, 2021

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