WhatsApp’s Decision To Make Major Changes To The ‘Disappearance’ Feature

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, recently introduced a feature of automatically disappearing messages called ViewVance.

However, now the administration has started working on the feature of automatically saving the missing message.

WhatsApp is making significant changes to expand the scope of this feature, according to Webbata Info, a website that tracks changes in WhatsApp.

According to the report, when enabling this feature, the user wishes that the recipient will delete his message as soon as he sees it, however, other important messages are also deleted in this cycle.

WhatsApp is working on providing a feature that will allow users to view important messages from missing messages later.

A statement from the social media app said that the feature is currently being tested and it is hoped that it will be released to users in future updates.

However, WhatsApp has not specified whether this feature will be released for both Android or iOS users or for a single platform only.

March 14, 2022

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