WhatsApp rolling out new Features in coming Week

WhatsApp from Facebook officially announced new features that will roll out in the coming week. According to WhatsApp, Desktop Dark Mode, improvements to group video calls, Status in KaiOS, Animated Stickers, and QR codes coming in a few weeks. WhatsApp is continuously adding many features and surprise users.

1. Dark Mode for Desktop

WhatsApp Mobile app already has dark mode, but in the coming few weeks, Dark Mode will be added to Desktop Web Application. In fact this will help users to use desktop web application in night time.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

2. Group Video Call Improvements

Group Video Call in WhatsApp already enabled but it lakes some options like expand of any individual. After the new update users can expand individual video while Group video call. This improvements is really effective.

3. Add Contacts through QR Code

Many mobile application allow users to add contact in mobile or in APPLICATION through QR code. Like Instagram allow users to follow other through QR Code. After the upcoming update of WhatsApp user can add contacts through QR code same as use of Web Application. Just Scan QR Code and Start communication. This will help business to in touch with their customers.

4. Animated Stickers

Hurrah! The best feature which will be roll out in coming few weeks is Animated Stickers. Yes, after the upcoming updates, Users can send and receive GIF like animated stickers.

WhatsApp Tweet

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January 25, 2021

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