WhatsApp is introducing new features for Android, iOS

WhatsApp is testing various new features that will be launched in due course for iOS and Android.

While QR contact codes, encrypted cloud backups and multi-device access were already being tested, the latest update has been added with new features.


WhatsApp is developing new functionality that lets users check by date for similar messages. The feature will provide a date filter for users when they search for messages. The search function is in the alpha stage of development, WABetaInfo reports

Clear all except starry

This feature can be helpful particularly if you don’t want to miss important messages. The latest functionality lets you uninstall a conversation while holding messages starred. The feature is expected to be launched soon in the alpha stage of development too.

Usage of Storage

The functionality is being developed for the Android app. WhatsApp restructures this feature by using filters to separate forwarded files and large files. Users would only be allowed to access forwarded files in the program. In a separate section large files will be updated.

Share Chat

This feature will allow users to watch ShareChat videos inside WhatsApp just like videos from YouTube. This functionality is launched first on the Android version.

Web image search

The feature will allow users to search for an image on the web under development for Android, especially one that has been frequently forwarded or transmitted more than four times over. It’s expected to launch the feature on both iOS and Android.

New color in chat bubble

Furthermore, WhatsApp plans to change the color of the outgoing message bubble in Dark Mode. We are testing a lighter shade of green.

January 25, 2021

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