WhatsApp Introduces Great Feature For Android Users

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application that entertains users with a series of new features, has released another new update.

According to technology news website Gadgets360, WhatsApp has released messaging actions for Android beta users.

According to the report, these reactions have been released by the messaging app for specific users. But other users will also be able to see the response to these emojis.

Emoji Reactions has also been released for Instagram and Messenger, other platforms of the company Meta, which owns the Quotes app. While its competitors Discord, Slack and Telegram Priya features already exist.

According to the report, WhatsApp has introduced this feature experimentally only for certain Android beta users who can install it with the updated version

WhatsApp management has not yet announced a release date for this feature for other users.

These include ‘Like, Lo, Surprised, Seed and Thanks’ reactions, according to screenshots shared by Beta users.

March 22, 2022

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