WhatsApp Introduced Fingerprint Lock Security

WhatsApp keeps updating its app and giving the user a more secure platform to keep communication with people. Suddenly WhatsApp introduced a new feature of Fingerprint lock. The fingerprint is the most common feature for security and many application like Banks App, previously added this feature to make their user secured. WhatsApp added this feature to make users’ data more secure.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular communicating applications. It always launches new features to enhance security and give a more secure platform to use social media. Now, WhatsApp added a top-level feature of fingerprint lock in the new update. In this feature, the user can lock the WhatsApp with fingerprint. After fingerprint lock, no one can access messages as well as pictures and videos of WhatsApp. While WhatsApp audio and video calls can bypass the fingerprint lock without opening fingerprint lock.

To enable WhatsApp fingerprint lock;

  1. Open WhatsApp and Tap on the top right corner’s three dots menu.
  2. Follow the instructions: Settings》Account 》Privacy》Fingerprint lock
  3. Tap on the fingerprint lock section.
  4. Verify your fingerprint lock when screen prompted.
  5. Set the time interval to automatically lock the WhatsApp.
  6. That’s it. A fingerprint lock has been enabled.

Now it is available only for Android users, will be available on iOS soon.

January 25, 2021

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