WhatsApp Can Now Be Used Even Without Internet, Learn How

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, can now be used without the Internet.

According to Web Beta Info, a new update of WhatsApp has been released under which the user can easily avail this feature even if he is not a beta tester.

Under the multi-device feature, users can connect WhatsApp to 4 more devices in addition to the basic device. Users who receive this update will be able to use their WhatsApp account on different devices.

WhatsApp had introduced this new multi-device feature on a trial basis in July this year, but now iOS and Android users will also be able to benefit from this feature.

In addition, WhatsApp’s new multi-device feature allows connected devices to access WhatsApp even if the phone does not have internet.

Users need an internet connection to connect the WhatsApp on their phone to the web and scan the QR code to access the WhatsApp web. The series also stops but now that the WhatsApp multi-device feature has been introduced, it has changed.

How to use the feature:

Android users first open their WhatsApp and click on the three dots icon then after clicking on the link devices the user will see the option of multi device beta at the bottom which by clicking on the user join this new beta Features can be used.

If the user wants to leave the multi-device beta, he can go to the same option and use the leave option.

Now iOS users after opening WhatsApp go to settings then click on link devices, user will see the option of multi device beta at the bottom by clicking on which user can benefit from this new feature via join beta Is.

After joining Multi Device Beta, users will not be able to call or message those who have an older version of WhatsApp from mobile, desktop or other connected devices.

Note that if you do not use your phone for 14 days, the WhatsApp will stop working on the devices connected to this phone.

September 17, 2021

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