WhatsApp allowed up to 8 People to make video or voice call in the group – WhatsApp Update

In this pandemic, all education institutes are teaching live and use many applications like Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Education, etc. Whereas use WhatsApp group to share documents. So finally, WhatsApp updated and added some new features like WhatsApp group voice and video call. Now, up to 8 people can make voice or video calls in the WhatsApp group. This new update is available on both iOS and Android mobile phones from last week. The FaceBook product WhatsApp, make an enormous boost in built-in calling.

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WhatsApp and Education

Usually, in all countries, WhatsApp is being used for education purposes. Teachers create WhatsApp groups for their relevant lectures and add all students as members of the group. WhatsApp group helps the teacher to monitor all the students and also in the exchange of education material. But, before this update, WhatsApp not supporting the conference call. Thus, students and teachers use the ZOOM for making conference calls. However, now they can safe storage by deleting all other applications and using WhatsApp group video or voice calling.

WhatsApp as a Competitor

This WhatsApp update will allow the chat app, currently, the world’s most common messaging service having over two billion users, a more feasible option for meeting calls or catch-ups with friends and family, namely Zoom, Houseparty, FaceTime and Skype.

WhatsApp is also behind many of its competitors, including Google’s Duos, Google Meeting (up to 100 personal customers, 250 for enterprise and education), Apple’s FaceTime (supports 32), and Zooms, (up to 500 for the most inexpensive add-on), of course. It’s still really common in the nation. This does also attach WhatsApp to Houseparty that has the same cap for video calls, so that is fine.

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As before, every WhatsApp video call is protected by end-to-end encryption so that nobody can access or hear your private conversation – not even WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp updates are too late as it can be helpful to avoid social interaction by connecting people smartly.

January 25, 2021

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