What is Bug Bounty? Is it Worthy Skill?

Freelancers want to have worthy skills that ease them to earn money. But how they can know about these skills, so here is one of the worthy skills which will help to earn money quickly and easily. This worthy skill named Bug Bounty. Let’s dig into Bug Bounty.

What is Bug Bounty?

A bug bounty is a deal or program which allows developers to find vulnerability, bugs or exploits and rewarded with money and fame. This program offered by many well-known companies like Google, Yahoo! and many others. Recently Yahoo! launched its bug bounty program that allows researchers to submit the bugs and earn rewards from $250 to $1500 depending on the severity of bug found. A bug bounty is only the name of finding vulnerabilities or bugs in program or project which is launched by any company and researcher only need to discover bugs or vulnerabilities and notify the company about this, researchers will not fix bugs or vulnerabilities but earn reward according to the severity of bugs or vulnerabilities that found.

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History of Bug Bounty Programs

Facebook launched the bug bounty program first in 2013 and gave many rewards to developers for discovering the bugs. Facebook initiated the bug bounty program and also gave awards in the form of white hat cards. Which showed that these developers did special works for Facebook.

Researcher wearing the Facebook t-shirt and pose with whitehat debit card

Uber initiated the bug bounty program in 2016 after the destruction of personal information of 57 million Uber users worldwide. This Bug Bounty program initiated with the collaboration of HackerOne. Then many other companies start the Bug Bounty Programs.

How to earn rewards from the Bug Bounty Program?

Earning Awards from the Bug Bounty Programs is not easy nowadays. However, you can earn if you have enough knowledge of developing languages like PHP, JS, Laravel and many others. You can practice by exploring many sites and YouTube. All companies upload their open-source project file and developers find the vulnerabilities from the open-source file. If any developer found the vulnerability then the owner company will reward him according to the security level of the founded bug.

That’s Truly Worthy Skill, Not yet?

January 25, 2021

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