What Does It Mean To Verify A Twitter Account?

Twitter is a platform where everyone can express their opinions and feelings easily but within the terms and conditions.

Your favorite people are followed on this platform so that you are always aware of their opinions.

But nowadays many people want to change their account to a professional account in order to get more followers or get the maximum benefit from the account.

Twitter recently announced a review of account verification procedures that you can use to verify your account.

Verification of a Twitter account indicates that the account is genuine, trustworthy and of interest to the public and that the account provides accurate information to its followers.

Announcing the new account verification standards, Twitter said the company would verify six types of accounts, including companies, brands or organizations, the entertainment sector, including digital professionals, news organizations and journalists, sports-related, official And accounts of political figures, activists, administrators, and other influential people.

If you also want to verify your Twitter account, follow these steps.

 Go to the Settings and Privacy menu.

 Click the Account Information tab.

 Go to request confirmation.

Then click on the menu request.

August 5, 2021

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