What is video Animation? Why clients prefer videos?

Video animation is one of the most useful and trending skills in 2020. A video animator animates videos or creates new content, the content may be in the form of Cartoon, Motion Graphics or vector. Every 8 of 10 people prefer video instead of images or written content. Video Animation is less in time and easy to understand by every people. You can estimate the preference by data given below.

That is the difference between written content and video animation.

Is video animation can help to earn money?

Yes, video animation can help to earn money. Moreover, this is the swiftest method to make money. Many video creators and video animators are earning money through;



YouTube is an American video-sharing website and allows users to upload their content. YouTube users, YouTubers create their content and upload it to YouTube. Adsense help YouTubers to earn money from their content. When YouTubers upload their content then viewer watches their content and also see ads on the video section. The revenue from ads shared between YouTube and YouTubers with a 45:55 ratio.


DailyMotion is working the same as YouTube works. It also helps the video creator to upload videos and earn money.


Video Animators or Creators can earn a lot of money from Fiverr by selling their services. Just need to set up the Fiverr account and upload gig related to Video Animation or creator. Buyers will buy gigs and earn a lot of money.


Facebook now allow their users to upload content and earn money. This method needs a facebook page. Upload video content to a facebook page and promote this page. More people mean more money.

Own Website

Video Animators or Creators usually have their websites and earn more money than all of the above methods. This method is more effective and the best way to make money. This method also helps to promote the website as well.

January 26, 2021

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