Twitter Offers The Best Solution For Censorship

The microblogging site Twitter has also introduced a TOR Onion version of its application, breaking censorship.

The Tor version, launched by Twitter, has three extra layers for protection.

Interestingly, Twitter did not release this important news from its platform.

Software engineer Alec Muffit, who created the news from the Twitter Tor version, broke into a series of tweets.

In his tweet, Alec said: “This is probably the most important and long-awaited tweet ever.”

The question arises as to why Twitter tweeted this important news from a software engineer’s account instead of its own official Twitter account.

Technology website In Gadgets says that if Twitter announces its security account through the official platform, its server load could increase.

Twitter users have previously been able to access Twitter through the Tor browser, but this special and newer version has three extra layers for security.

Muffit says the world’s most popular microblogging platform has been working for the Tor version since 2014. While Facebook also announced two years ago that one million users use Facebook monthly through Tor browser.

What is Tor Onion Browser?

Tor, also commonly known as Union Routing Project, is an open source privacy network that allows users to browse anonymously.

Worldwide Tour Computer Network ensures the protection of user’s online privacy using secure and encrypted protocols.

March 10, 2022

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