TikTok has more haters (1.2 Rating)

ByteDance’s Video sharing social network named TikTok is gaining more haters. TikTok has many issues and many active users reporting about these issues. TikTok fails to resolve these issues in time and users updating their reviews on PlayStore with a single star. Almost 28,289,985 in total reviewed this app on PlayStore and have 1.2 stars rating overall. Overall, TikTokvsYoutube is trending nowadays, and possibly that is the impact of negative feedback.

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TikTok has more heaters (1.2 Rating)


This topic is trending these days. Many famous TikTokers and YouTubers are fighting about the Original Content. TikTokers try to claim that they are original content creators and YouTubers utilize their content to get views and the same arguments presented by YouTubers too. But this war can be the real impact of Negative Feedback.


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January 25, 2021

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