The Easiest Way To Find A Lost Cell Phone

If you are a job seeker or going out for shopping, take care of your mobile phones.

Because it often happens that you forget to put your phone somewhere or it is stolen or it is said that the phone is lost.

If this has ever happened to you and you want to find your lost phone, take special care of the following.

The ‘Find My Device’ feature automatically turns on whenever you log in to your Google Account on an Android device.

Google’s free ‘Find My Device’ is the only feature that can be used to find a lost device or lock it or delete data even if the phone is not available.

Take your Android phone and see that the ‘Find My Device’ feature is on.

To do this, go to Phone Settings, then go to Security & Location and Find My Device option and check the current status.

If your device does not have a location or security option, go to Google, then Security and here Find My Device option and check the current status.

After accessing the Find My Device option from either of these channels, if you see this off, click on it to turn on Find My Device.

For this  Search Text search on your computer.

Select your phone and make sure the options ‘Play Sound’, ‘Secure Device’ and ‘Aries Device’ appear and turn on.

This is the best way to find any Android device that can be used to secure phone and data when needed.

August 5, 2021

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