The Design Of The Flying Boat Was Developed

After the flying car and motorcycle is presented the flying boat is currently being designed.

According to reports, the design of a boat that will fly over the sea has been presented as a joint effort of three companies from different countries.

The boat has been dubbed the “Persico F70 Hyperboat” and will be 70 feet long. It has long sails that can be opened and closed if needed.

Reports further say that when the sail is opened, it will be in “full flight mode” at a wind speed of only 18.5 km.

Its width is significantly less than its length, but still, its interior is very spacious and comfortable where the crew can live comfortably.

The Persico F70 hyper boat will also be fitted with an electric engine, but will only be used when absolutely necessary.

November 5, 2021

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