Tania Adrous Resigned From Google for Pakistan #DigitalPakistan

Tania Aidrus, Google Ex-Executive, resigned from Google for Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan launched Pakistan Digital Vision and Tania Aidrus joined as CEO. Tania Adrous tweeted that

Tania Aidrus described her past. She said, “I want to see Pakistan growing.” According to her vision, Pakistan has millions of online users. She wants to contribute to Pakistan and wants to see Pakistan as a growing country.

Struggles from Google to #DigitalPakistan

Tania Aidrus wanted to start business and went to Singapore. There she joined Google and launched many of Google’s Products in Pakistan. But she always realized that she wasn’t doing enough for Pakistan and wanted to do more for Pakistan. Last year, after she felt to come back to Pakistan and contribute to growing within Pakistan’s Government. Almost 6 months ago someone sent an email to PM Imran Khan and told that if Pakistan wants to grow as a digital and technologized country so contact her. Tania Aidrus didn’t about the email. PM’s team started following her and called her a few months ago and convince her to come back to Pakistan. Shah Mehmood Qureshi also gave her platform and met her to IT Minister. Tania Aidrus met with many of Cabinet members and at the very first meeting with PM Imran Khan, Imran Khan Said, “Khabrana Nhi Hai”.

What will be in #DigitalPakistan?

Tania Aidrus as CEO of Digital Pakistan will make improvements in Digital Technology and there will be many chances to start new billion dollars companies in all fields like commerce. There are more than 70 million broadband users now in Pakistan. The government will create an enabling environment, digital blocks, and policies. Policies will allow innovation to show its magic.

Digital Pakistan: Five Priorities

  1. Access and Connectivity
  2. Digital Infrastructure
  3. eGovernment
  4. Digital Skilling and Training
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Digital Infrastructure

Build a “Pakistan Stack” that allows the government, business, and startups to utilize a digital infrastructure to solve Pakistan’s problems towards presence-less, paperless and cashless services delivery.


Digitilze intragovernmental processes to move towards a paperless environment. Digitalise Pakistani citizens and businesses government services.

Digital Skilling and Training

Transition to a knowledge economy by augmenting our existing talent and preparing the future generation. Move up the value chain by rapidly imparting specialist/emerging tech skills.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Make it easy for investors to come in and for startups to operate and grow to fuel our economy’s growth and making us a force to the reckoned with on the global playing field.

January 26, 2021

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