Some people can lead to a brighter future for others.

By the way, there are many people all over the world who are very skilled and are earning a lot of money in a short period of time. But these people cease themselves to just great personalities by restricting their education to themselves, but some people are totally against it, such as Hashim Sarwar, who is also working as a freelance. Along with the work, he is educating many students and eliminating unemployment to a great extent.

Who is Hisham Sarwar?

As you all know, nowadays, the Internet is the time and most people in the world are earning via the internet and the way to earn from the internet is called freelancing, then you are well aware that in Pakistan too many people have started earning through freelancing but most people are making money from YouTube and other websites. Hisham Sarwar is also one of the famous freelancers who have gained a lot of fame in the world of freelancing in the recent past and have proved his worth too.

Hisham Sarwar’s Review on

How Hashem Sarwar Become An Online Freelancer?

According to Hisham Sarwar;

I am working for many years as a freelancer. Like many others in the industry, I also discovered freelancing purely by accident. I am a graphic designer and can design reasonable and good looking sketches, logos and websites.
My Friend in 1999 told me about a new computer operating system called windows. It was the very first time I used the computer, and still, thanks to Bill Gates for changing my life forever. I downloaded a design software called Photoshop and learned, practiced every tiny detail about the software by watching YouTube videos.
I came across a freelance marketplace called Elance in 2003, where you could provide your services As a graphic designer and earn good, reliable money. I started offering my services and ever since I have not looked back. I sleep, eat and dream of freelancing.

This was the story of Hisham Sarwar beginning as a freelancer. But now, he is a motivation for others to be a freelancer just like me.

January 26, 2021

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