Social Conflict: The only solution for COVID-19

COVID-19 is the most dangerous virus known. This virus is spreading through social interaction. All companies and organizations such as WHO also make people aware of social conflicts through social media, media, newspapers, and the Internet. Pakistan’s Government also performed its best to overcome COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Pakistan’s Army working too to stop the spread of Corona۔ Government of Pakistan is helping poor people through funding.

Social Confliction and Business

In the whole world, people facing Coronavirus and have Social Conflict, so how people can earn and feed? Governments of almost all countries funding their people to stay at home and keep social conflicts. Whereas these funds are not fulfilling people requirements. People need to start an online business and have to earn more. All online companies are growing more now, whereas all physical markets are facing lockdown. In such positions, GuruAlpha will help people to start a new online business with no investments.

How to start a business and earn money?

To start an online business and earn money, read this below articles.

  1. Five Online Businesses Anyone Can Start and Earn Money
  2. Tips and Ideas to Start Freelancing and Get First Client.
  3. Stay Home, Stay Safe and Start Freelancing
  4. How to Start Freelancing?
  5. How to be a Successful Freelancer

These five articles will help to start an online business.

January 25, 2021

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