Sony starts a PlayStation bug bounty program worth up to $50,000

With a bug bounty program that can help search, detect, and patch vulnerabilities and bugs on the console, Sony is looking for greater security for PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Network. Sony’s latest bug bounty scheme PlayStation provides cash rewards for those who find all kinds of bugs. The software earned more than 88 error reports at the time of writing and was billed in the amount of $173,900 for an average of $400.

Naturally, not every vulnerability is eligible, but Sony has a system where security researchers are entitled through good faith to report bugs and vulnerabilities. There are two main platforms in the Bug Bounty program, the PlayStation 4 system with accessories and the OS, and the PlayStation network. As well, with older systems like PlayStation 3 the Japanese corporation will not compensate them and is not searching for any bugs because they are no longer in the spotlight.

Sony is therefore seeking fixes for vulnerabilities or access to the public for a fair period of time.

Give us reasonable time to remediate vulnerabilities before talking about them publicly and notify us of your disclosure plans in advance. If you would like to disclose a resolved vulnerability, make the request directly in your report. We look forward to disclosing issues that positively contribute to the security community.


PlayStation Network
PlayStation 4

PlayStation and many other companies announce many bug bounty programs yearly and spend millions of dollars to fix the vulnerabilities. If you have skill sets and want to join this bug bounty program so you can check the Sony official site or click here.

January 25, 2021

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