Introducing Toyota’s New Car With Unique Features

Toyota Automobile Company has introduced a new car with unique features called Igo X City.

The design of this car is inspired by the Igo X Prologue, a concept model introduced in early 2021.

The front design of the Igo X is quite unique with large headlights, a large lower grille and other features.

The design on the back is more unique with a glass hatch while the tires are 18 inches in diameter.

Inside the vehicle there will be a 9-inch touch screen and a screen for gauge clusters, while physical climate control will be part of the vehicle.

The car features full LED lights, wireless device charging, ambient interior lighting, over-the-air software updates, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, adaptive cruise control, emergency steering assist and cloud-based navigation.

The car is powered by a 72-horsepower 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with 5-speed manual or variable transmission options.

The car will be available in various European countries in early 2022. The price has not been announced but it is expected to start at 17 17,000 (over 2.8 million Pakistani rupees).

November 9, 2021

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