Introduces The Ability To Use Email Without A Password

Introduces the ability for Microsoft users to use email without a password.

It is considered to be the best facility ever in the world of technology in which e-mail can be opened without a password which has been named as a passwordless feature.

Users will no longer have to enter a password after entering an ID to log in to an email, but will be able to log in using an alternative option.

Users will also be able to login via the verification app, Windows Hello, Security Key and SMS or Email Verification Code.

To use this feature, the user must first delete the password from their ID, after which the user has to log in to Accounts, and open the Security option.

After which an additional security section will open in front of it, after clicking on it the account password will be equipped.

As soon as the user confirms this, the email will be able to login without a password.

September 16, 2021

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