Instagram quietly introduced the key feature

Instagram, a Facebook-owned company, has introduced the Tick-Talk copy-based feature ‘Rails’ to users around the world after a successful trial.

Technology experts believe that Instagram has introduced this feature around the world to take full advantage of the US ban on tick-tock talk.

Earlier, a feature called Rails was introduced for testing in Brazil, Germany, France, and India, which was successfully tested.

New features have become available for Instagram users since August 5. They will now be able to create 15-second videos and audio with different effects and post them on their IDs with the help of Rails.

Users will need to use the Instagram camera directly to access the rails, and users will be able to search for other users’ rails videos in the Explore tab.

The company said in a statement that users will also be able to edit their video with the help of the feature while using the existing option to make it more beautiful.

A spokesman for Instagram said: “Rails videos of users whose accounts are private will not appear in the Explore tab, except that all videos will be there.”

Users will be able to share videos created with the help of rails in their timeline and stories at the same time.

January 25, 2021

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