How to be a Successful Freelancer

Earning online is a trending form to make money. But How to be a Succesful Freelancer? Great Question. So there are some instructions to be a successful freelancer. Read all of these to be a guru of Freelancing. Being Guru is an outstanding experience. There are many Guru in the world of freelancing as Hisham Sarwar (BeingGuru) and Yasir Javaid (Graphic Designer). Maybe the next one is your name.

1: Enhance Your Skills

First of all, you should have enough skillsets to sell your service on freelancing sites. If you don’t have enough skills or you are a beginner so it would affect your profile. So, it’s essential to enhance your skills. There are many websites and platforms to improve your skills.

Go and enroll to improve your skills. Some platforms and websites are mention below;

  • Digiskills (Pakistan Government)
  • Udemy
  • Youtube
  • Coursera
  • Lynda

*Some of them are free but mostly paid.

2: Design an eye-catching and creative profile

An eye-catching and unique profile brings clients. A portfolio is a method to convince your clients. To get more orders remain your reviews awesome. Happy customers will make more of your orders. They will recommend you and your work will make them happy.

How to create a perfect Profile?

Perfect Profile can be created by adding Your Educations, Projects, Certificates, and Experiences. Also attach your portfolio to give an better impression on your clients.

3: Contact friends or Share your profile

Sharing is caring. Share your profile with your friends and family. This will help you in getting orders fast. When your friends and family or any other person visit your profile, it will be popular. People view your Profile first. Clients also view your profiles and hire you quickly. But your profile should fulfill the Point 2.

3: Plan your Production

When you received Orders. Then, your priority should be the clients’ satisfaction. Make a plan for your production to satisfy your clients. Notify your clients about initial work when you start working on a given task also notify your clients on every stage. Deliver your order professionally.

All of the above steps required to be a successful freelancer. But, there’s one more, Practice.

In short, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

That’s IT.

January 26, 2021

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