How Many Mobile SIMs Of Which Network Are Running In Your Name? The Easiest Way To Find Out

In the year 2000, due to the low prices of mobile phones in Pakistan, its purchases increased significantly.

On the other hand, there was an increase in the purchase and use of SIMs of different networks.

After all this situation, the government of Pakistan decided to register the user on the K identity card and worked hard to complete it, after which it was made biometric.

Following the government’s move, no one can have more than five SIMs, but if one wants to buy a new SIM after having five SIMs, he will have to block one of the five SIMs in his name.

In addition, it has become very easy to know which user’s name, how many and which network SIMs are available, for which the government has set two methods.

1. To find out the number of SIMs through the website, you have to go to the PTA website and by typing your ID card number in the box made there, a table will open in front of you in which you can see the different networks you are using. The details of all the SIMs will open which will allow you to get the required information.

2. You have to send your ID card number 668 for the details of the SIMs via message and you will receive the number of SIMs in reply shortly.

September 16, 2021

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