Great News Introducing A New Program For YouTube Users With One Thousand Subscribers

YouTube, the Internet’s largest video-sharing and streaming website, has announced great news for YouTube users with over 1,000 subscribers.

According to social media reports, YouTube has introduced a new program to popularize channels with more than a thousand subscribers.

After this program, small YouTubers will no longer have to struggle to be accepted, as this responsibility will now be borne by YouTube itself.

Who are the small YouTubers?

Channels with less than 2,000 subscribers to a YouTube channel are called small channels or YouTubers, with people complaining that their videos are not involved in trading, which makes them less popular.

What is the feature?

YouTube has added a feature called ‘Creators on the Rise’ to the Trading tab, which will allow videos from more than a thousand subscribers to appear in the tab, after which they ‘S videos will be seen by users around the world.

According to YouTube, the number of users is increasing with each passing day, some users on the platform make great videos that need to be accepted, which is why this feature is being introduced.

August 6, 2021

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