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NEW YORK: Leading US technology company Microsoft has announced a complete shutdown of Internet Explorer service.

The use of the Internet browser, which is included in the package with Microsoft Windows, has decreased over time, which is why the number of its users has now dropped to hundreds.

The main reason for not using Internet Explorer is the browsers offered by other companies because they work well and fast.

Microsoft had earlier announced that the Internet Explorer service would be completely shut down after 25 years.

Now the company has made it clear once again that the 25-year period introduced for Internet Explorer will end next year, after which services will be completely shut down from August 17, 2021.

A company spokesman said: “After the end of Internet Explorer support, users will be able to use the Chromium-based Edge browser.”

After August next year, none of the company’s remaining 365 applications and services will be connected to Internet Explorer.

It should be noted that Microsoft started work on the new browser five years ago, now its testing phase has been completed and it will be available to all users from next year.

January 25, 2021

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