Google will help Doctors for Patients’ Medical History

Google always makes improvements to be the best search engine. Now, Google started to give a specific history of Patients for medical records. Google is going to launch Google Health. Google will collect all patients’ records and also add them to the search engine as they added flight records before. Flight records, we can know about any flight (time and route).

Many people speculated about this feature in the past year. Now Google has started work on Google Health. It will work as a search engine and will provide medical records to Doctors and Health specialists. It will go a step further in the world of the internet. It is not sure about patients’ privacy. The question will arise that “Is Google keep patients’ records unveiled?”

While this step will be fruitful for Doctors and health specialist to know about medical records of patients, and understand about diseases. According to CNBC, Google will revolve around both, between doctors and patients. So, it can be like social networking or it will have social networking.

Doctors and patients can also book their appointment. It will be a way to earn online. Google Health will be one of the best websites in Medical and will be used worldwide for medicals records of patients.

Google has developed a feature called Google Health, which allows patients to securely store and share their medical history with their doctors. This feature allows patients to upload their medical records, including information on past procedures, medications, and allergies, to a private and secure platform. This information can then be easily accessed by authorized doctors and healthcare providers, allowing them to provide more informed and personalized care. This feature also includes the ability for patients to control who has access to their medical history, and patients can revoke access at any time.

January 26, 2021

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