Google Made Its Users Happy

The Google search homepage is a place where every Internet user visits at least once a day.

  According to social media reports, the search engine Google has made a big change in its homepage, this feature will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

According to international media, the search engine Google has introduced a major change in its system, under which users using Google on the desktop will be able to use the home page dark theme.

This new update from Google Admin will be available to all users in the next few weeks.

In this dark theme introduced by Google administration , the Google logo will be white but everything else will be dark gray.

The company did not say much about the change, but the feature appears to be linked to a Google Account instead of an IP address.

How to apply Google Dark Theme

To apply the Dark Theme, click on the Settings icon at the top of the Google homepage or search results and then click on the Dark Theme option.

Clicking on it will bring up the Device Default, Dark Theme and Light Theme options and users will be able to enjoy the new feature by clicking on the Dark Theme option.

This feature is similar to the dark mode version of Google Search’s mobile app, which has been available to users since May 2020.

The positive effects of the Dark Theme on human health 

It should be noted that the use of Google Dark Mode is also helpful in protecting the eyes from the negative effects of light emitted from smartphones and laptops.

September 14, 2021

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