Google has instructed employees to work from home till July 2021

Google, the Internet’s largest search engine, has instructed its employees to work from home by the middle of next year in the wake of the Corona epidemic.

The US agency Google had allowed employees to work from home to protect them from the dangers of the Corona epidemic and has now decided to continue the process.

On Monday, Google e-mailed instructions that employees working from home would do the same by July next year.

“We will continue the work-from-home option until June 30, 2021,” said an email from Chief Executive Sundar Pachai.

Informing about the future plan, he said that the employees have to go ahead with their potential and under the new orders they do not have to come to the office.

The Wall Street Journal reported a few days ago that Google was going to extend the permission of its nearly 200,000 employees and contractors around the world to work from home until January.

Following Google’s decision, other major technology companies have adopted a strategy of gradually opening their offices to reduce the Corona epidemic, while Twitter has asked its employees to adopt an alternative policy and do things at their convenience.

January 25, 2021

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