Gigs is not showing in Fiverr’s Search, Need to panic

Sometime gigs are not showing where people want. So, why gigs change their positions? Is gigs require alterations or something else? Gigs may alter their positions due to Fiverr’s system of randomization of positions. Let’s begin to grasp more about the panic problem.

Problem 1: Gigs Positions alteration

Fiverr is friendly for both old and new sellers to grow. To keep both sales constant, Fiverr alter the positions of gigs by a system to randomize. If sellers gigs were indexing on the first page after the alteration it may be shown on the first page but another position or maybe on another page. This is a friendly step by Fiverr to keep both equal and grow equally.

Solution: It can be solved by improving gigs. The seller can update gigs by changing title, portfolio images, tags or description according to the relevant niche. I’ll suggest sellers, improve their gigs according to upcoming events. Just like Christmas or new year, both are upcoming events now. If sellers want more views and ranking in search then improve the gigs according to these events.

Problem 2: Gigs are not showing throughout the Fiverr’s Search.

Now sellers need to panic. This problem can decrease their orders and also their profile rankings.

Solution: Sellers need to check a few settings before contacting CS.

  1. First, log in to the Fiverr profile.
  1. Click on Profile picture on the right top corner.
  1. Click on the Settings.
  2. Check ONLINE STATUS and change it to online.

When online, your Gigs are visible under the Online search filter.

If above mentioned not works, contact CS to Solve your problems.

January 26, 2021

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