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Freelancing in Pakistan is now a leading career, every 7 of 10 wants to become a freelancer. Pakistan’s Government officially helping people to learn new freelancing skillsets and starts a new profession as a freelancer. Now, new sellers have skillsets but lake experience and international leading freelancing marketplaces and need the expertise to earn from these marketplaces. Pakistanis originated marketplaces to begin the first step to overcome this state. Top 3 Freelancing Marketplaces will discuss in this article. Sellers can get the opportunity to have the first order from the national freelancing marketplace. Start a new career from National Freelancing Marketplaces.

Top 3 Freelance Marketplaces in Pakistan

Freelancing Marketplaces

ROZGAR PAKISTAN, SIMPLE, and PAKLANCERS are top 3 freelancing marketplaces from Pakistan.

1. Rozgar Pakistan:

Sellers can post their services as “GIGs” to Rozgar Pakistan. Prices for different service areas can set by sellers, their abilities and skills, and similar categories arranged into specific sections. After clearance, the GIGs offered will appear in their respective categories in which employers can see and contact you before entering into the contract to negotiating terms to prices. This site is most similar to Fiverr. 

Buyers can search for the specific service or can post any project to get quotes. After a bit, buyers can get offers and can select the seller by filtering grades, ratings, and costs. Rozgar Pakistan offers 100% secure payment methods. Buyers’ payment will automatically transfer to freelancers as the freelancers fulfilled the order.


SIMPLE is another freelance marketplace that helps professional freelancers to get hired and buyers to pay for what they want. 

How SIMPLE Works?


Freelancers, who are lookings for works? Those will follow these SIMPLE Steps.

  1. Create a free profile with complete information and Portfolio links.
  2. For all sorts of work. Build brilliant ideas and submit them with a bid.
  3. Work for big firms. Manage the job in the workroom and work together efficiently.
  4. Freelancers withdraw payment of orders done.


Employers can get projects done by following these simple steps.

  1. Post a Job: Describe the jobs you want, and talented freelancers instantly apply with proposals.
  2. Get competitive bids within minutes from the freelancers. It’s the fastest and cheapest way of getting projects done online!

3. PakLancers:

PakLancers is also a leading freelancing marketplace and works the same as Rozgar Pakistan Works.

Which one is the best?

Best Freelancing Marketplaces in Pakistan

Rozgar Pakistan is the best freelancing marketplace in Pakistan. This marketplace is work like Fiverr. This Fiverr alternative marketplace has all fields sections like Graphic Designing, Web Development, Creative Writing, and many others. Get Hired or get Projects done. Rozgar Pakistan is best for freelancing.

January 25, 2021

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