Fiverr’s Bug: “0 offers left today” in Buyer’s Request Section

Almost 12 hours ago, Fiverr’s Seller reported an issue at Buyer’s Request Section about an error of ” 0 offers left today.”

Many sellers find many answers but now it’s indicated as the bug and Fiverr’s experts are working to solve this issue.

Is that issue affected the seller sale?

Yes, Many Sellers are thinking about their sale and no order placed in this duration. Many People also left their much time in solving that issue and affected their delivery time, order completion and other problems.

Where are your Offers?

Your offers are generally available but not at your account they have been delivered to another Seller’s account and they have almost more than 10 offers left. This issue should be resolved ASAP.

How much time they should take to solve this issue?

They probably take a few hours to solve this issue. In some situations, it might take almost 4-5 hours and may take some more time. In this situation, they are taking more time than before.

At last, Fiverr working to solve this issue and It will work again in a few time.

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January 25, 2021

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