Fiverr Tip: Know Your Buyer Before Sending buyer Request

Fiverr is the best and most using the freelance marketplace. This website allows all the buyers and sellers to request sellers offer through BUYER REQUEST FORM. Mostly Buyer Requests are real while some fake buyers also request to waste your daily offer. So, how to get rid of these buyers?

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Know Your Buyer.

Login to the Fiverr account and navigate to the buyer request section there all new buyer requests will show. 

But on desktop site, buyer request will be shown with buyer Profile Picture and this will not help to know about the buyer. So, download the Fiverr application on mobile and then navigate to the buyer request section.

As shown above, the username of the buyer shown now copy the below URL

Replace username with the buyer’s username. This URL will take you to the profile of that particular buyer. For Example: rislyahmed171 to

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On the profile, you need to see a few things:

  • Buyer’s location (most of the Pakistani sellers don’t want to work with Indians and Bangladeshis because of a risk of getting bad review or cancelation)
  • Joining date (I used to check the joining date to get an idea of how much that buyer knows about the platform)
  • Reviews (helps in gaining confidence that your order won’t get messed up & also helps in knowing the nature of buyer)
January 25, 2021

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