Fiverr Order Cancelled after Completion

Working online on Fiverr is easy and also useful to earn money. Fiverr give marketplace to showcase your services and sell what you want. But it has some pros like Customer Support always favor the Buyer. So, is that possible for the buyer to get a refund after order completion?

Recently, many sellers reporting that Fiverr canceled the order and refunded to buyer after some period of Order Completion. Fiverr is only for Buyer? If the seller contacts the customer support, usually they are not explaining the main reason. So, what will be the main reason for Order Cancelation after Completion of Order?

Client Payment Processor Chargeback

Almost all clients use PayPal as a Payment Processor. The buyer can get a refund through chargeback.

What is Chargeback?

According to PayPal;
A chargeback, also known as a reversal, occurs when a buyer asks a credit card company to reverse a transaction that has already cleared. A buyer may file a chargeback with his/her card issuer based on credit card association regulations and timeframes.
Although a chargeback may appear similar to a PayPal claim, it’s a process that is granted to a cardholder by their credit card company and initiated outside of PayPal. In a dispute over a chargeback, the decision is ultimately made by the credit card company and PayPal can’t control the outcome.
Two common reasons for reversals or chargebacks are:
A buyer’s credit card number is stolen and used fraudulently.
A buyer makes a purchase but believes that the seller failed to fulfill their side of the agreement (for example, they did not ship the item, shipped an item that was very different from the seller’s description, or the item was damaged when the buyer received it).
All sellers who accept credit card payments run the risk of being liable for chargebacks. Chargebacks are among the unfortunate costs of doing business. Many sellers factor this cost into their business risk model.

January 25, 2021

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