Fiverr Early Payout

Great news! Fiverr introduced a new option for selected sellers in beta testing. This feature is all about payment. Of course, every seller needs to withdraw the amount as soon as possible. As we know, Sellers wait for the clearance of cash that may vary as seller level. Level one to level two sellers for 14 days for the approval of payments after order finish while the top-rated seller can withdraw after seven days of completion of the order. But now sellers can get an early payout.

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Early Payout Option

Early payout is a new feature launched by Fiverr for sellers. Sellers now can use this feature to get an immediate payout. That feature will be helpful for sellers to get the quick payout and enjoy the profession with more orders and more immediate withdraws. But this feature still available for selected top sellers to get feedbacks and announced as a new feature officially. 1% of the total amount is a charge to get early payout and sellers can withdraw payment instantly.

Selected sellers can see that feature after Fiverr login and going to the Earning section. Stay in touch for more information.

Here is a screenshot of the proof.

January 25, 2021

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