Fiverr as a unique freelancing marketplace

ٖFiverr, as a unique freelancing marketplace, is a Non-traditional marketplace. According to freelancers, Fiverr is like a shopping mall, but how and why Fiverr is different from others? Keep in mind that Fiverr is almost the initial step of all freelancers. Why freelancers initially choice it?

How Fiverr is different from other freelancing Marketplaces?

In the freelance marketplace, almost all popular sites are working like the traditional marketplace. UpWork, Guru, PeoplePerHour, Freelancers and all other sites except Fiverr are the traditional marketplaces.

In the traditional marketplace, Buyers request for proposals along with all detail about project and budget. Sellers or freelancers post proposals with portfolios also provide previous projects.

Fiverr is a Non-traditional marketplace and work alike a fish mart where people try to sell their products and buyers can purchase anyone’s products.

In short, Fiverr allows the buyer to see the sellers’ work and also their products and can buy anyone’s gig.

Why Fiverr is a Non-traditional marketplace?

Fiverr is a Non-traditional marketplace. It is suitable for new sellers. New Seller can earn money and also experience more about freelancing. Fiverr allow the sellers to show their services in the form of GIG. Gig will be the source to get orders and also work as the same products of any company in the mart. If buyers like your products or services than buyers will place orders and also recommend others by leaving reviews on the gig.

Why Freelancer initially choice Fiverr to start a new career?

Fiverr helps sellers to promote their gig to social media and also promote services by marketing in the whole world. New Freelancers can get orders from Fiverr easily by sending buyer requests. If a new seller works professionally and delivers good services to buyers then the seller can earn huge money from Fiverr. That’s why new freelancers start freelancing from Fiverr.

January 26, 2021

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