Finally. Dark mode on WhatsApp. #DarkMode

Dark Mode is now a trending theme of all well-known networks. All famous social media are introducing dark mode one by one. Now, finally, WhatsApp also introduces Dark mode. WhatsApp introduces Dark Mode in the latest update on 3rd March 2020. In this update, WhatsApp fixed many bugs and launched a new feature called dark mode.

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Why the Dark Mode?

Usually, all social media have too much bright theme which can irritate the user while using social media at night. So, the result was dark mode and after the continuous launch of Dark mode for many of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube even many Google Products, WhatsApp and many other social media launched this dark mode theme too.

Is Dark Mode will not irritate users?

The dark mode is best for the night but eventually, this will irritate users at day time. So, this may require a new update of auto converting of Dark mode to light mode and light mode to dark mode according to light intensity. We will see this update in the future.

How To Enable DARK MODE?

  1. Open WhatsApp Application.
  2. Now go to settings by tapping over three dots menu.
  3. Tap on Chat and find the theme option.
  4. Tap on theme option and select Dark mode in popup options.
  5. Now, Enjoy the dark mode.
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January 25, 2021

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