Facebook Became A Big Technology Company

Facebook has become another major technology company in the world of cloud gaming, said Jason Rubin, Facebook’s vice president.

According to the details, Jason Rubin said that the reason for Facebook’s step in cloud gaming is to deliver such games to the users that we can provide.

“We will provide free games to consumers,” he said.

In this regard, Jason Rubin said that more complex games will be able to reach users on the cloud platform, while the instant games platform will also be in place, which will be in the Facebook app with cloud gaming.

Jason Rubin added that the new platform will provide access to games for 300 million people, but they will be able to play more complex games.

Remember that the addition of games to Facebook has been going on for more than a decade.

It is worth noting that the game began with flash-based games such as FarmVale, after which the company moved to HTML 5 for its instant gaming platform, but these two technologies are very limited and simple.

January 25, 2021

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