Facebook Also Gave Group Admins A Chance To Make Money

The new rules created by the Facebook administration now allow groups admins to earn as well.

According to a report released in this regard, Facebook has introduced a tool called Monetization, which will help group admins to ensure earnings through advertising.

There will be a monthly, annual or one-time fee for users who join the Facebook group admin, the user will have to pay to join which will be distributed equally among the admins under the system.

In addition, Facebook has announced the inclusion of a community shops tool in groups, which will allow admins to sell a variety of items or raise money for a project.

Facebook announced on Thursday that the new tools will allow group admins to not only use specific features but also make their community more dynamic.

According to Facebook, in the future, the admins will be able to give community members such as ‘Insight Full, Uplifting or Art’ to the group members, these awards will improve the engagement as well as make the post more prominent.

Note that this feature is currently being tested by the Facebook administration.

November 5, 2021

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