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WhatsApp will stop working in 2020

WhatsApp officially says outdated phones will not continue to use WhatsApp in February 2020. iPhone having iOS 9 or later and Android having version 2.3.7

Fiverr as a unique freelancing marketplace

Ů–Fiverr, as a unique freelancing marketplace, is a Non-traditional marketplace. According to freelancers, Fiverr is like a shopping mall, but how and why Fiverr is

4 Tips for Freelancers to be GURU

Freelancing is a challenging career for beginners. Challenges may be in the form of clients or orders. But, you have to face these challenges. These

WhatsApp Introduced Fingerprint Lock Security

WhatsApp keeps updating its app and giving the user a more secure platform to keep communication with people. Suddenly WhatsApp introduced a new feature of Fingerprint

4 BEST Websites to Earn Online

Many people are earning money online but they never explain how they earn? We all know that earning online is not easy as our thoughts

TikTok has more haters (1.2 Rating)

ByteDance’s Video sharing social network named TikTok is gaining more haters. TikTok has many issues and many active users reporting about these issues. TikTok fails