Be a Good blog writer (Blogger), but How?

There’s are billion of blog writers, but how we can be a good blog writer. So, GURUALPHA will help you to be a good blog writer. Just follow some tricks and use some new extension to write blogs and be a good blog writer. How to write awesome blogs?

Required Extensions for bloggers.

Most bloggers use some extension while writing blogs. These extensions help them to follow the rules and grammar. The most popular extensions are Grammarly, Pocket & Note Anywhere. Grammarly will help you to write blogs and follow the grammar rules in articles. We will recommend Grammarly to all bloggers.

Grammarly – Grammar Solution

Tips to Be a Good Blogger.

4 Tips to be a good blogger;

  1. Never copy content of others
  2. Research about topic
  3. Collect all useful information
  4. Combine the information to attractive blog
  • Never copy the content of others

Stealing the content of others is legally violation, copyright law. According to the US, Stealing the content is illegal and known as a violation of copyright law while you can publish on your site and blogs with legal permission of the content creators. Hence, the legal agreement needs to copy the other’s content.

Copyright Law – Image from PEXELS.
  • Research about the topic

Before writing a blog, do sufficient studies about the subject and also read others’ relevant blogs. It will help to write a blog with all informative content. Usually, bloggers seize their researches to some sites and violate copyright law. Be careful and never violate any law.

Research – Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels
  • Collect all useful information

Collect all valuable and informational data. Arrange all the data. It will help you while writing a blog. Visitors always want to get valuable and informational data from the articles. So try to make blogs short and informative.

Image from Pexels
  • Combine the information to attractive blog

Collect enough data and combine to attractive blog for visitors. Attractive blogs attract visitors.

These tips will help you to be a good blogger.

Note: The site (Copyscape) can help to check the unique content of blogs.

January 26, 2021

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