Bad News For iPhone Users, The Company Made An Important Announcement

Battery bursts are common while charging mobiles, which have also occurred with iPhone users, including Android.

These incidents can happen anytime on any mobile and at any moment and to avoid this an important announcement has been made by the iPhone company.

In this regard, the company says that the reason for the explosion of the iPhone is some mistakes made by users while recharging the battery, but if these mistakes are avoided, not only there is no risk of the iPhone exploding, but also The battery life is also very good.

1. The company says iPhone users should avoid using third-party chargers.

2. When recharging an iPhone battery while sleeping at night, keep the phone away from the bed and make sure it does not come under you while sleeping or under the pillow.

3. When your phone is charging, do not place it in a damp place or in a place where water can splash.

4. Always prioritize optimized charging to improve battery health

5. If your iPhone’s battery health has reached 80%, you should replace the battery immediately.

August 27, 2021

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