Alarm Bell Rang For WhatsApp Users

Users of WhatsApp, an application used for messaging around the world, are exposed to new hacking tactics every day, now hackers have come up with a new way to hack people’s WhatsApp accounts.

According to international media, cyber security experts have warned people that in this new method, users will receive a message with a six-digit login code.

Hackers send another message from WhatsApp to a friend of a user whose phone has received the message with this login code. They tell him that my login code came to him by mistake, please give it to me.

The user assumes that this is his friend who is asking him to return the code, so he inadvertently forwards this message to his friend and then their WhatsApp accounts are hacked.

Experts say that if the user tells the man the code, the next moment the control of his WhatsApp goes into the hands of hackers. After giving the code to the man, sign the WhatsApp account from the user’s mobile phone. Is turned off and the user’s cloud, as well as the account, goes under the control of hackers.

August 26, 2021

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