A Serbian Living With Animals In A Cave

A Serbian man has been the talk of the world media for the past 16 years, living in a cave away from civilian life, where he lives with several animals, including a giant pig.

The Serbian citizen Penta Petrovich lives in a cave near Serbia’s famous river Gradysnica and has a friendly animal, a pig, which weighs 200 kilograms.

He lives away from urban life and has been vaccinated with the Code 19 vaccine with great difficulty.

People are interested in Penta, 70, because of his lifestyle, but people in his hometown want to know about him.

For the past 16 years, he has lived in a derby-like house built on a tree for half a year, and the other half he prefers to live in a 25-meter-long cave in a ravine near the river because he is tense. Disgusted with the modern world.

They live in a cave with dozens of their pets and claim that life is very good.

He used to make many things with his skills while living in the city and he also made a lot of money and his circle of friends was wide. However, as soon as bad times came upon him, all his friends left him.

Penta told a Turkish newspaper many years ago in an interview that he could no longer live in the traditional world because such freedom could not be bought with money, no water bill, no electricity hesitation and the surrounding nature. Has beautiful views.

They make a difference by lighting fires in winter, bathing in the river, sleeping on the ground but not complaining to anyone, for them this is the best life and they consider themselves millions of sins better than others.

August 21, 2021

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