A Goat-Like Robot In Japan Surprised Everyone

Japan’s leading technology company has introduced a goat robot.

According to a foreign news agency, the famous Japanese technology company Kawasaki surprised the participants by presenting a capable robot goat at the world’s largest robot trade show held in Tokyo.

The 2022 International Robot Exhibition featured many unique creations.

In this International Robot Exhibition, Robot Goat became the center of attention of the participants.

According to the organizers of the exhibition, this robot is capable of carrying a weight of 220 pounds.

The company calls it ibex, a type of mountain goat or goat that is found in the forests and mountains of Eurasia and Africa.

Interestingly, this robot can carry the rider or a variety of objects from one place to another.

However, it has a fully modular top half, so it does not need to be used as a riding goat.

March 20, 2022

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