4 BEST Websites to Earn Online

Many people are earning money online but they never explain how they earn?

We all know that earning online is not easy as our thoughts but today I’m going to explain about those top websites which can be a source of earning. In these websites, you can easily earn by your skills and you can earn up to your imaginations. These are not surveyor sites or anything spams. Do perfect get Perfect.

4 Best Websites to Earn Online


YouTube is an American website sharing platform founded in 2014. All new freelancers choice YouTube first. It doesn’t require any special skills. Just start by creating a video with your unique content and start earning by uploading video to YouTube. YouTube will check your video and when processing complete then your video will be publicly shown. Monetization is required to earn money which needs some requirements to be completed and you can earn money with a ratio of 45:55.

YouTube will give you 55% of your revenue and take 45% of your revenue. Start Creating your Youtube channel and earn money.


UpWork is an eLance oDesk website, founded in 2015. It is a source to connect buyers and sellers for business. Many entrepreneurs are working here to sell their service to buyers and earning min $3 per hour. This can be varied for beginners to Experts as Beginners can change their hourly rate to $20 per hour and intermediates $20-$40 per hour and experts more than $40. Upwork also charges their service fees which may be varied according to your project at the start they charge 20% of your revenue. Start working with UpWork.

Own Website (Google Adsense)

Google AdSense is one of the largest and popular websites in the world of Advertisements. Google AdSense is a product of Google. It allows users to earn money on their website. First of all, you need a website that fully copyright protected and follows the T&C of Google AdSense. Then, Google AdSense shows ads on your website. These ads will give you revenue.


Fiverr is the most recommended site in terms of Freelancing and organized in 2010. It connects sellers with buyers worldwide. Sellers can sell their services like logo designing, WordPress development, Stationary designing, and many others. Enhance your skills and get paid. 

January 25, 2021

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